Introduction: Why Mobile-friendly Emails are Important

In this age of smartphones and tablets, emails are becoming more and more important.

Before smartphones and tablets, most people checked their email by using a desktop or laptop. Nowadays, many people use their mobile phones or tablets to check their email

Email campaigns have a higher success rate when they are mobile-friendly. Mobile campaigns can also be a great way to reach out to customers on the go. Email design is also very important in order for emails to be mobile-friendly.

Tips for Creating a Mobile-friendly Campaign

The average person spends over two hours on their phone each day. That's a lot of time, and it’s really not surprising that marketers are starting to take advantage.

If you want your email campaign to be successful, then it’s important to make sure that your emails are mobile-friendly. This way, the recipient can read the email without having to zoom in or scroll. Here are six tips for creating a mobile-friendly campaign:

-Make sure you use short sentences and paragraphs

A desktop inbox can display more characters than an inbox viewed using an Android or iOS smartphone. Email marketers often craft phenomenal email subject lines painstakingly only to find they need to prune it so it performs better with one or two of the most popular mobile email clients in use today.

Short sentences and paragraphs are crucial for mobile email. They not only help with readability, but also to convey the message clearly.

The company's brand will be more easily recognizable, hence making it more trustworthy to users. The sender should keep their message simple and provide enough information so that the recipient can understand it easily.

-Use bulleted lists for easy scanning

There are many different ways to use bullet points. Most people think of them as something that just has the main point of the list. However, they can also be used to break up longer pieces of text or separating different topics within one large paragraph. It is also good idea to use bullet points when there are two sentences that have similar line lengths so one does not seem too long while the other too short. It is important to keep formatting consistent even if you change the size or type of bullets so readers know what to expect when they come across bullet points on your page.

The most common problem with bulleted lists is repetition and lack of cohesion. Getting rid of repetitions and adding paragraphs that flow together will help the reader understand the message more clearly.

-Don't forget about images!

Make sure that your images are also optimized for mobile devices by keeping them under 100KB in size and at least 600px wide, so they don't take up too much space on the phone's screen when they're viewed in portrait mode.

-Keep your email width less than 600pixels

While most modern mobile devices can handle responsive designs, there are exceptions.

If your email width gets down to 600 pixels or less, a good percentage of your users will be able to read it without major interference.

The key to a successful email is to make sure that it's not too long and that it doesn't open in a new window. Keep your font size at least 12 points, use short paragraphs and remove any unnecessary images or text.

-Provide a distinct call to action

The idea behind a call-to-action (CTA) is to prompt the user to take some kind of action: either make a purchase, download an app, sign up for a newsletter, or anything else that requires them to click on something.

Mobile email CTA is very important because it prompts the user to get into action and get what they want from your email. It also lets them get what they want without leaving the inbox and navigating away from your message.

The biggest mistake you can make in regards to CTAs is not having one at all! If you don't prompt users with a CTA in your mobile emails, chances are they won't take the desired action and use their time elsewhere.

Bonus- The Pros and Cons to Consider When Creating a Mobile-friendly Email Campaign

Email marketing is a powerful tool for any company to use. It allows you to reach your customers on their own devices, and it’s a great way to keep them up-to-date with the latest information about your business.

But there are some considerations you need to make before you start sending out emails.


Use a mass email app to send bulk emails at an affordable price.

Some email providers offer you the option to send mass emails at low rates. This can be highly beneficial if your business sends out promotional messages on a regular basis.

Cost-effective email marketing campaigns are possible with today’s technology. You can easily create attractive newsletters and promotional messages with the help of AI writing assistants.

Although don't forget to verify your list before.

You can use a tool like an email list verify to get the quality of your list checked and improved. It will help you improve your open rate, but you will also be saved from troubles like getting into a blacklist and bad reputation

Increase web traffic

Even if people are not interested in your email, they'll still open it to see what the subject line was about. When you are sending the email, make sure that your call-to-action is clear and easy to understand.

If you have a blog, the newsletter can complement well with your social media platforms. It would help you keep in touch with your audience and grow your followers or likes.

The system can provide insights about your KPIs and metrics, allowing you to see how they are performing.

In most cases, KPIs and metrics are used to identify and measure the performance of a company or business. They provide a clear picture of how well the company is doing and whether they are meeting their targets and goals.

This section is important because we want to know if we can measure KPIs and metrics in order to determine whether we are meeting our targets and goals.



When it comes to email marketing, you'll want to make sure that your emails are easily seen by those who you want to target and not blocked or marked as spam. Some people delete or ignore emails if their domain is blacklisted and filtered, so never try and use tactics like using someone else's domain for bulk mailing services.

That's why we recommend highly that you verify your lists before starting to send.


Competitive email marketing means that you have to vie for their attention over many other companies as well as the big brands. In order to stand out, you should include a unique value proposition and also be succinct with your emails.

Unopened emails

Opening an email that the recipient only skimmed over is pretty rare. Furthermore, it's worth noting that your ROI can suffer if you have too many of these opened on average since they will simply be deleted. The good news is you can take action to reduce the number of people who do this by tweaking your marketing strategy according to what works best.

Final thoughts

Did you know that 92% of people check emails at least every day? That's a lot of people that are checking their email address.

Your customers are either on the phone or on their computer, what you should be doing is sending them an email through the channels they like best. This will have a really good impact on your company because you'll have more customers who trust your products and services.

You can't just spurt out everything about your business in one email though, it's important to provide value to the customer to build up trust with them.

Rather than spamming your clients with constant emails, it’s more about being thoughtful about what you send them. This can be achieved by segmenting your lists and sending them tailored messages.