Most email marketers are concerned about the high ROI (Return On Investment) of email marketing but they end up frustrated because of the unnecessary junk which inhibits their success. Most times the campaigns do not reach the targeted populace and hence money is wasted and lost.  As an email marketer, if you find a way to eliminate unnecessary items from your campaign list, would you hesitate? I thought so too…

That’s why most email marketers use a bulk email list validation tool or an email list verification tool if you like.  But what is an email list verification tool?

Email List Verification Tool

This software is known to analyze your available email addresses, identify and eliminate any risky or bad email – fast and easy. So with an email list cleaner, you are sure to reach your right audience as well as maintain a good reputation.

Most email marketers hesitate to use the email list checker simply because they think they are applying the best practices. However, the best practices aren’t enough to keep harmful elements like spam traps, bot addresses, toxic domains, and disposable emails away from the database. It is therefore paramount that an email verification service is carried out immediately.

The service will ensure that you as an active email marketer have all the help you need to continually engage and satisfy your subscribers.

There are several online email list verifiers but knowing the one that suits your needs is important. However, an excellent list of verifier should be able to do the following:

1. Identification And Elimination Of Invalid Or Bad Email Addresses

On your own, you can never know what email is responsive or valid. However, this software can do the analysis for you. Invalid emails often have their addresses in formats that don’t align with web email format standards or don't exist in the mail server of the recipient. An email list verification tool would do the investigation and blacklist such addresses for eventual elimination.

2. Help You Spot A Dormant Email Address

Dormant addresses are those that you may have stopped engaging for a long time. an email list verifier will help you identify these so that you can recommence engagements and create leads with these addresses.

3. Get More Subscriber Data

An email list validation tool not only eliminates bad email addresses. It can sometimes help gather subscriber data like names, age, location, gender, etc. these data can be useful in helping you tailor the engagements to satisfy the subscriber and revitalize their interest in your product or service.

4. Removal Of Risky Addresses

Some addresses are bot-created and attempt to carry out malicious activities like data extracting and more that may compromise your reputation or deliverability. Your worries should be less if you already purchase a good email list validation tool as this software would help in weeding out such addresses and keep your information safe from bad people on the internet.

Why  An Email List Validation Tool?

As mentioned above, an excellent email list checker should analyze, detect and eliminate any bad email address that may compromise your deliverability. But that is not all that there is to the software. As an email marketer, having the software helps you accomplish the following goals:

Reduction of Bounce Rate

The more invalid or bad email addresses you have on your list, the higher your expected bounce rate.  With an email list verifier, assisted by a connected API, you can be sure that any bad email address wouldn’t be registered on your platform. While the email checker gathers the already existing bad addresses for elimination, the API prevents them from registration. This means you can reach the audience inbox easily and create leads that will lead to sales.

More Engagement Could Mean More Sales

After all the bad email addresses must have been eliminated, you can rest assured that your campaigns get to the targeted audience. If you get to your audience, you can increase your click-through rate which will eventually impact your Return On Investment. The ultimate goal of an email marketer as well as every other business is to make more profit via sales. A high click-through rate is sure to increase your returns but first, you need to create adequate engagement – and to do this, you must rely on an email list checker.

Improved Email Sender Reputation

An email list validator helps to improve sender reputation – but how?

When you have risky email addresses in your list, it may impact your sender reputation negatively and cause your email provider to blacklist your account. When these are eliminated, your email deliverability and reputation should improve considerably and your email providers will support you fully in reaching your subscribers' direct inboxes instead of their spam folders.

Cost Reduction

Email list service providers charge considerable amounts of money to acquire leads. The more amount of leads, the more the charges. If there are bad or invalid emails, it means you would be paying for useless materials and throwing your money away. However, after they must have been eliminated by an email list checker, your database quantity will decrease, as well as the cost. Nevertheless, the quality and engagement should increase and hence more sales. So it is like paying less for more.

Is There A Free Online Email List Verifier?

There are several free online email list verifier on the web but a recommendable software is Mailtester. This free email list cleaner is quite easy to use. All you should do is go online, follow the instructions, and boom!

How To Use Mailtester

Mailtester is one of the most reliable bulk email verifier free services you can find online. The catch is that it is quite easy to use!

All you need to do is open the website, follow the instructions, and sign up. Then you’re on your way to reliable email list validation free.

After signing up your Mailtester account, you get 20 free credits to use and clean at least 20 email son your list.  You can start cleaning by going to your account dashboard and clicking on either single or bulk list verification and import the list or manually add it.  After that, you can move on to “validate” for single emails or “start verification” for bulk emails before “downloading your results.”

In A Nutshell…

Email verification is everything to an email marketer and there is nothing to regret if you invest your money and time into it.