Introduction – What Is A Bulk Email Verifier?

A bulk email verifier is a software that identifies, analyses, and eliminates invalid or bad email addresses from an email list leaving only healthy and responsive addresses.

What Is An Email Verification Service?

An email verification service is a service hosted by software and involves a detailed analysis of emails to determine which ones are valid or deliverable and these are being uploaded in a particular list where the company’s email campaigns are sent.

Email address verification is an excellent way of companies reaching their audience but how does it work and which tools are the best for this?

An email address is often verified via a number of techniques which solely depends on the database algorithms.

At the end of the process, the invalid emails must have been filtered off and what would be left will be deliverable and working email addresses which can be used to create leads that will turn out to a huge return on investment.

Here is a summary of how the process works:

· Syntax Check Of The Email Addresses

Some email addresses don’t meet the IETF Standards and hence may not be deliverable and pose a bad investment for email marketing companies. The syntax check eliminates every such email address.

· Checks Domain/MX Records

The DNS entries of an email or MX records are being investigated and checked. If there is an anomaly, the software or service flags the matching email address as invalid.

· Role-Based Email Account Detection

If an email marketer sends emails to a role-based account such as sales@,  info@, and the likes, there are bound to be negative effects. An email address verification service would help eliminate such addresses.

· Detection of DEA

Disposable email addresses are used to bypass platforms that require sign up forms and an email verification service is what you need to detect such and blacklist them.

· Spam Traps


Spammers are never fr anything good. This service acts as a web that catches all bot-addresses, honeypots, spam seeds, etc.

· Dnsbls And URI Dnsbls Checking

Email addresses with such attachments are often used by spammers and the email verification system helps to eliminate such addresses and this would be the final step before the…

· Final Verification

In this phase, the email address is pinged or sent a message for checking if it is valid. This SMTP validation is the last step that validates and email address.

Here are the top 10 online email list checker software you can get:

1.       Mailtester

The only bulk email verifier whose pricing beats the rest mentioned here is the Mailtester. Its services are also the only ones that I recommend.  With 99% email verification accuracy, you have a ridiculously low bounce rate which will lead to a better ROI for your business. On first sign up, you are awarded 10 credits for 10 free email addresses testing, and an option for a free trial. The powerful API used on this software cannot be rivaled in the market and there are several other features like selectable download, greylist checking, and more.

With Mailtester, you can be sure to be in the good books of ISPs and the flexible pricing ensures you select one that suits your needs or is affordable.

2.       Email List Validation

Email List Validation is one of the most robust email verification service in the market. According to statistics, the Email List Validation has a 99% email list cleaner accuracy. With a bounce rate of less than 1%, you can be sure of email deliverability, improved reputation, and quality sales on every lead.  When you have unknown emails or a catch-all, this software doesn’t attach any charges to those.  The service is also risk-free and you are guaranteed a full refund if you are not satisfied by the outcome.

3.       MyEmailVerifier

This provider boasts of a 98% email verification accuracy and can help you boost your deliverability. That aside, this provider identifies disabled users on AOL and Yahoo. However, the pricing isn't as flexible as the top two. It operates a pay-as-you-go service and tends to use a real-time API which is powerful enough to process 1000 emails in 5 minutes.

4.       Neverbounce

Neverbounce stands out because of its GDPR Compliance and can process emails to an accuracy of 98.8%. add its competitive price,  Neverbounce becomes a real competitor in the email verification market.  On the first time visit to the company site, you are awarded a 10% discount, and at $ 0.004 per email, you can get 250,000 emails processed.

5.       Xverify

Xverify is at the top with the leaders in email list cleaning.  Over the years, it has built trust and reliability and sets itself apart with its customer service and in-built fraud protection feature. Its 98% accuracy speaks volumes of the company's reliability and the pay-as-you-go charge plans are the best for some users.

6.       EmailListVerify

Your sender reputation will be most healthy with this software and that’s just the beginning. With 99% accuracy, you can reach all your audience and boost sales in the process. The payment options are quite flexible enough so anyone can select a pattern that suits their needs.

7.       Truemail

With a monthly payment of $29, you can process and validate bulk email accounts with this software.  The 90% accuracy in deliverability makes it a desirable software for email verification service.

How to use Mailtester

Mailtester is one of the most reliable bulk email verifier free services you can find online. The catch is that it is quite easy to use!

After signing up on Mailtester, the process of usage for email verification or cleaning is quite easy.  After your emails have been written, you can click on a new tab on your computer browser and punch in The page will open up to show where your test email should be uploaded. This will determine your spam score.

After signing up your Mailtester account, you get 20 free credits to use and clean at least 20 emails on your list.  You can start cleaning by going to your account dashboard and clicking on either single or bulk list verification and import the list or manually add it. After that, you can move on to “validate” for single emails or “start verification” for bulk emails before “downloading your results.”

Email marketing is a great way of creating sales but the expenses due to an unhealthy email list can be huge. However, with an email list validation tool like Mailtester,you can reduce expenses and achieve unprecedented success in your business.