As an email marketer, you always need new email lists. If you are a beginner, the process can be cumbersome for you.

Email finding tools like Hunter allow you to find the email addresses easily. However, they can increase your marketing costs. It's also been observed that these tools fail to return results sometimes.

You don't need to worry. This step by step guide will make the process easier for you.

Guess the email address

Guessing is one of the basic and simplest technique to find email addresses.

  • Try the most common patterns: Usually, companies use the first name to create email addresses. Some companies also use first and last names for the email addresses. If you know the user's first and last name, you can probably find the email address through these most common patterns.
  • Use a known email address: If you have found an email address of an employee of a company, you can use a similar pattern to guess your prospect's email address.
  • Use Email Permutator: It allows you to guess the emails by entering the first name, last name, and the domain. It shows a list of guessed emails.
  • Use Gmail for verification: Suppose you guessed some email addresses. It can be dangerous to send an email to everyone for just testing. You can use Gmail for this purpose. When you type an email, hover over to the email addresses. If Gmail is connected to that specific email, it will show the details of the person.
  • Use an email verifier: An email verifier allows you to verify the emails easily. All you have to do is upload the list or enter the email addresses, wait for a moment. It will show whether the email is valid and active or not.

Use Google

If you failed to guess a correct email address, you use Google to find the email addresses.

Use advanced search parameters: A simple Google search will show hundreds of irrelevant pages. Advanced search parameters allow you to search specifically for what you are looking for. For example, if you put the sign " around your search term, Google will exactly search for that term. In our case, we can use a guessed email like "[email protected]." Make sure to check for company, business, and social media pages first in the search results.

Use target keywords in Google search: Target keywords like the name or position of the user with keywords like contact, email, or info can often do the work. For example, Sam Billings+ email. It will show all the results with email addresses having the username Sam Billings.

Search for company website: Mostly, the company websites contain email addresses. You can use a combination of the first name, last name, and the company name.

For example, + Sam [email protected]. Don't forget to verify the email addresses before you start sending emails.

Check social media profiles

Every social media account requires an email for registration. You can take advantage and search the profile to find an email address.

LinkedIn: Send a connection request to the user. Once accepted, go to the 'about' page to find the email address. It works most of the time.

Facebook: It's an excellent source if you are looking to find the bloggers' email addresses or the general company emails. Go to the about section of a page or profile. Mostly, email can be found there.

Twitter: Twitter has almost 330 million users. Some users place their email address in the bio section. However, this method has a pretty low success rate. You can use the advanced options to find the desired account. The advanced search allows you to include or exclude some terms in search results. A search term like 'email' followed by the username can work sometimes.

Use the company's website

Suppose you know the company name. Type it in Google search. Go to the company's website Emails are mostly found on contact or about us pages. Some companies have other pages with names like our team or about our authors. Sometimes an author mentions his email under the article in the 'about author' section.

Simply reach out

If none of the previous techniques works for you, you can try to reach out. Remember that you have to be specific in your reach-out process. You can explain why you need their email address. Try to explain the purpose or benefits.

Use the live chat button on the website to connect to the support agents. You can explain the purpose and ask for the email address. For example, you can ask them to give the email address of someone from the marketing team because you want to discuss a partnership opportunity. You can send an email by using the contact form or contact email mentioned on the website for this purpose too.

A simple reach out on Twitter can also work for you.

Subscribe to a newsletter

An email address is used to send newsletters. You can find the opt-in or subscription forms to subscribe to tiger newsletters. Once subscribed, you will receive an email for verification or welcome purpose. Check the 'FROM' field. That's where you will find the email address.
You read more about newsletters in our email marketing guide.

Check WHOIS record

WHOIS allows you to find the basic information about the owner of a website. Search the domain in the WHOIS database. It will show you the names, address, phone number, and email of the owner. However, it should be noted that most of the companies offer WHOIS protection nowadays. So you won't be able to find the owner's email address if the WHOIS protection is enabled. Nevertheless, it gets the work done sometime.

Extra tip: You can use the mutual contacts option to contact a mutual friend of the target. Request him to introduce you to the target. Explain why you want to be introduced. Or, you can ask the target's email address. When you contact the target, mention the person who provided you the email address.


There are a lot of methods to find email addresses. But finding an email address doesn't guarantee the success of a campaign. The emails must be active and valid. You can use email list verify to make sure your email campaign is on the right path.