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Your email campaigns couldn’t drive results if your list is full of invalid email addresses. You would have to pay for emails that won’t get delivered ever. Scrub your list with email verifier, remove those unwanted emails and watch your ROI increase.

Catch bounced email

Toxic emails can creep into your email lists in many ways-- may be a visitor mistyped his email or someone used a non-corporate email to get that super useful lead magnet you offer. Catch those irrelevant and invalid emails with API and prompt users to submit only valid emails.

Be in ISPs’ good books.

ISPs keep tabs on how many time you send emails to shady email addresses. Once you cross a threshold your sender reputation takes a hit. Your emails start ending up in spam folders and in the end, you get blacklisted. Verify your email list with and enjoy a pristine sender reputation.

Peep into

Duplicate email remover

Identifies and removes all duplicate contacts.

Spam trap removal

Searches for spam trap emails in your list.

Risk validator

Removes emails with high-risk keywords or sketchy TLD.

MTA validations

MTA validator checks whether an MTA has a valid MX record.

Domain validator

Gets rid of any email with inactive, parked or invalid domains.

Complainers verifier

Any email that matches with our complainer database gets eliminated.

Syntax verifier

Syntax verifier catches emails containing invalid syntaxes and deletes those.

Real-time bouncing

Removes hard bounces and invalid emails using an SMTP check.

Disposable email checker

Checks if an email is disposable. Immediately removes it when found.

Team account

Allows multiple users to verify lists while spending from the same credit pool.

Anti grey-listing tech

Anti grey-listing tech verifies even most difficult-to-verify email addresses.

Selected download

Allows you to download specific segmented results.

Validation & Delivrability Solutions

Single Email Verification

Want to verify an email before hitting the send button? Just type it in's Single email verification box and get your result instantly.

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Stay connected to the applications you use supports seamless data transfer between dashboard and your favourite apps through integrations.

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Customer testimonials

Heath Atwood

Email Marketing Expert

When I signed up for, I was a bit skeptical at first. How much difference can it make for a relatively smaller company like us? Answer: a lot. We didn’t change our email strategy much still our email open rate has increased like 3-4%. I recommend

Caitlynn Potts

Chief Marketing Officer

We were looking for a mail validation service that can handle a large volume of emails and return accurate results. Now is our go-to solution.

Joshua Mcnair


We are a small startup and can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars every month on email verification.’s flexible pricing plan works for us. And the service you would get is excellent.

Alex Lee

Sales And Customer Success Manager
AB Real Estate

Efficient, reliable and pocket friendly--- I love I have personally recommended this app to my entreprenuer friends.

Jordy Eubanks


Mailtester is awesome. We have big lists here with us and we keep them clean with It never disappoints.

Anaiah Whitten

Marketing Expert

I am a fan. is super accurate and easy to use. I set it up and forget about it. It’s doing its job without any issue.

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