Bulk email verification for an effective email campaign

Any successful email campaign starts with a clean list where each entry is a valid one. However, sometimes hard bounces, spam traps and abandoned emails creep into your database. Get rid of those bad emails with’s bulk email verification.

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Bulk email verification for an effective email campaign

How it works


Upload your emails in bulk using a .txt, Excel or .csv file directly from the dashboard. algorithm will verify and catagorize all the entries, including even most difficult-to-verify ones. Once finished, download your pristine list and start sending emails with confidence. Dashboard


Connect API to your website, app and other marketing channels to verify bulk list on the spot. Same dashboard verification like 99% accuracy and a lot more flexibility.

Connect API to your website

Why bulk verification?

A dollar spent on any invalid email is a dollar wasted. By bulk checking your email list, you get rid of any email that would not bring any value. With a clean list, your ROI would go up.

If you want your emails to get delivered (and not end up in the spam folders), having a good sender reputation is a must. But nothing kills sender reputation faster than bad emails in your list. Cut down those toxic addresses and be in ISP’s good books by using’s bulk verification.

Cleaner your lists are, better the chance of your emails to get delivered to right recipients. Don’t take any chances. Bulk verify your email lists to ensure the highest deliverability.

Insights that everybody
can understand

Intuitive result codes’s algorithm assign all the emails into any of these six segments: Deliverable, Invalid, Disposable, Unknown, Spamtraps, Accept All.

Intuitive result codes by

Segmented download

Download any segmented results with just one click any time.

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Customer testimonials

Heath Atwood

Email Marketing Expert

When I signed up for, I was a bit skeptical at first. How much difference can it make for a relatively smaller company like us? Answer: a lot. We didn’t change our email strategy much still our email open rate has increased like 3-4%. I recommend

Caitlynn Potts

Chief Marketing Officer

We were looking for a mail validation service that can handle a large volume of emails and return accurate results. Now is our go-to solution.

Joshua Mcnair


We are a small startup and can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars every month on email verification.’s flexible pricing plan works for us. And the service you would get is excellent.

Alex Lee

Sales And Customer Success Manager
AB Real Estate

Efficient, reliable and pocket friendly--- I love I have personally recommended this app to my entreprenuer friends.

Jordy Eubanks

Horizontel is awesome. We have big lists here with us and we keep them clean with It never disappoints.

Anaiah Whitten

Marketing Expert

I am a fan. is super accurate and easy to use. I set it up and forget about it. It’s doing its job without any issue.

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