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Are you looking for a Kickbox alternative? Here is a comparison between Kickbox and Mailtester. You would find Mailtester comes with better features, more accurate and more afforadble

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Is Mailtester right for you?

You want better ROI from your email campaigns and refuse to spend any money on invalid or discarded emails..

You want excellent deliverability. You expect your emails would reach right inboxes every time.

You want an accurate, efficient and secured email list cleaning service.

Mailtester and Kickbox comparison

Kick Box Logo
Accuracy 99% Not mentioned
Anti grey-listing tech Not mentioned
Duplicate email removal
Spam trap removal
Selected download Not mentioned
Risk validator Not mentioned
Uptime gurantee 99.99% Not mentioned
Syntax verifier
1 M verification $499 $4000
500k verification $399 $2500
Data security

Mailtester brings value to the table

  • Top performance

    Mailtester guarantees 99% accuracy and 99.99% uptime. Now you will get your lists cleaned 3X faster , thanks to powerful servers.

  • Awesome support

    Any technical difficulty? Need help with billing? Just sent us a message. We would take care of the rest.

  • Affordable

    Mailtester offers better performance at a lower cost. You also get 100 credits for free without any card details.

  • Quick setup

    Just sign up and start verifying your lists. Yes, it is that easy. The entire set-up takes less than a minute.

Flexible pricing options

Choose the plan that suits you the best

Monthly subscription One time

  • 5,000

    Email Verifications

  • 10,000

    Email Verifications

  • 30,000

    Email Verifications

  • 50,000

    Email Verifications

  • 100,000

    Email Verifications

  • 300,000

    Email Verifications

  • 500,000

    Email Verifications

  • 1,000,000

    Email Verifications

  • 2,500,000

    Email Verifications

  • 5,000,000

    Email Verifications

  • 10,000,000

    Email Verifications

  • 100

    Verifications / Month

  • 1,000

    Verifications / Month

  • 5,000

    Verifications / Month

  • 10,000

    Verifications / Month

  • 25,000

    Verifications / Month


Customer testimonial

Heath Atwood

Email Marketing Expert

When I signed up for Mailtester, I was a bit skeptical at first. How much difference can it make for a relatively smaller company like us? Answer: a lot. We didn’t change our email strategy much still our email open rate has increased like 3-4%. I recommend mailtester.

Caitlynn Potts

Chief Marketing Officer

We were looking for a mail validation service that can handle a large volume of emails and return accurate results. Now Mailtester is our go-to solution.

Joshua Mcnair


We are a small startup and can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars every month on email verification. Mailtester’s flexible pricing plan works for us. And the service you would get is excellent.

Alex Lee

Sales And Customer Success Manager
AB Real Estate

Efficient, reliable and pocket friendly--- I love Mailtester. I have personally recommended this app to my entreprenuer friends.

Jordy Eubanks


Mailtester is awesome. We have big lists here with us and we keep them clean with Mailtester. It never disappoints.

Anaiah Whitten

Marketing Expert

I am a fan. Mailtester is super accurate and easy to use. I set it up and forget about it. It’s doing its job without any issue.

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