MailTester batch e-mail checking application

This application can be used to check a whole list of e-mail addresses.
It can handle different data sources:

All you have to do is select the database table, indicate which field contains the e-mail address to be checked, and which field should be used to store the status of the e-mail address. Then you're all set to start checking the database.

The result is written to a different file with a status code (> 0 means the e-mail address is not valid).
This can then be used for a mailing by selecting only valid e-mail addresses from the database, thus reducing the number of bouncing e-mails to a minimum. It also enables you to decide which people should receive the mailing through another medium (e.g. fax or mail).
Or it can be used to check regularly for which of your correspondents you still have a valid e-mail address.



A demo version is available for download. Click here to download it.